EZ School Lunch

The EZ School Lunch application brings the time-consuming task of collecting daily lunch counts, collecting money, and free/reduced lunch reporting online.

EZ School Lunch Homeroom - $300

EZ School Lunch Student - $450

EZ School Lunch Deluxe - $650

EZ Teacher Attendance

The EZ Teacher Attendance application manages all school employees person, sick, and professional days online. The application allows for the substitutes to be assigned to these days. Reports can be created for Finance.

EZ Teacher Attendance Basic - $500

EZ Teacher Attendance Deluxe - $750

EZ School Timesheet

The EZ School Timesheet application allows part-time or hourly employees to input their hours online. This will reduce paperwork and time spent calculating the amounts. Reports can be created for Finance.

EZ School Timesheet Basic - $700

EZ School Workflow

The EZ School Workflow application allows the assigning and tracking of tasks across multiple users and departments. Alerts and reports exist to keep track of the progress of the tasks within the workflow.

EZ School Workflow Basic - $500

EZ School Workflow Deluxe - $700

EZ School

The EZ School Announcements application allows for the management of announcements for employees, students and parents.

EZ School Announcements Basic - $200

EZ Student Attendance

The EZ Student Attendance application allows teachers to submit student attendance online. Reports are available for daily, monthly or yearly basis for tracking student attendance.

EZ Student Attendance Basic - $300



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