4 Questions to Ask a School Lunch Software Partner

You know that your school needs to upgrade its lunch management processes, but choosing the right software partner can feel overwhelming. With so many choices available, how can you even begin finding the right software partner?

There are four critical elements that you should take into account when choosing a cloud-based school lunch software. Make sure you get the answers to these four questions from every software provider you consider:

How Easy is Your Software to Use?

Ease-of-use is one of the most important characteristics of a cloud-based school lunch software provider. It needs to be simple to understand and use for the multitude of people who will be using the system: parents reviewing menus and ordering lunches for their students; school faculty members in charge of distributing meals to students and ensuring food providers are paid; caterers and other food vendors who need to make sure they are delivering correctly and on time; and school administrators who need to track and monitor paperwork related to government reimbursement for participating in free and reduced lunch programs. If your software is confusing or difficult for any of these groups, your school will miss out on the full range of benefits that a great school lunch software program is supposed to deliver.

EZ School Apps has designed their School Lunch Software solutions with ease of use in mind for everyone logging into the system. Online ordering and prepayment options make it simple for parents to secure lunch for their students and for food vendors to work successfully with schools. It also makes administrative tasks easier for school personnel with easy-to-access reports.

What Support Will I Need to Use the Software?

School lunch software is supposed to make your life easier. If it requires special hardware, constant IT support to troubleshoot issues, or proactive update work from you to keep the system current, it might just end up causing more headaches than fixing them.

EZ School Apps cloud-based software means that there is absolutely no special hardware required - anyone with a machine that can access the Internet can use the system. Additionally, we proactively manage any software updates for you. Should you need assistance with your system, you can feel free to reach out; our US-based support team picks up the phone and is ready and available to address any sort of question you may have, big or small -- no IT help ticket required.

How Quickly Will I be Up and Running?

If you have decided to implement or upgrade to a school lunch software system, you don't want a lot of lag time between making the decision to move forward, and getting your program up and running. Additionally, take into account any specific training time that might be needed to get your staff comfortable working in the tool. If the software requires multiple training sessions, or if there is any sort of additional fee involved for training, it could be a warning sign that your solution might be more trouble than it's worth.

EZ School Apps School Lunch software solutions are all cloud-based, which means that they don't require special hardware or operating systems. That means your account can be up and ready to use from Day 1. Furthermore, our programs are designed with ease-of-use in mind, meaning your staff and parents will need little to no training to learn how to work in the system. Finally, there is no contract to sign, once you're ready to move forward, our team gets involved to get you up and running quickly!

How Much Does it Cost

You might think that any sort of lunch software, especially a cloud-based one, might be a budget busting piece of technology. But when it comes to choosing the right school lunch software, you should look for the right blend of features and affordability.

EZ School Apps is a cost leader in the market, with a flat rate of $695 per school. We've tailored our solutions to bring you the management features you truly need, without any of the expensive add-ons you don't. Get a beautifully designed, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system at a price that won't disrupt your overall IT budget.

Have any more questions about cloud-based school lunch solutions in general, or EZ School Apps in particular? Contact us for a FREE demo of our solution to see how EZ School Apps's Lunch Software Solutions can support your lunch tracking needs with our easy-to-use- value-based products. .

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