Success Story: Wrentham Public Schools

Wrentham Public Schools has been using our school lunch software since 2004. First implemented in their elementary schools, the school was tired of the time they were wasting having teachers take each student's lunch request every morning in homeroom via a paper spreadsheet, then having someone deliver the results to the front office, then to the cafeteria manager, to get an accurate count of what to prepare for the day.

Wrentham found that the whole process took about an hour a day of everyone's time – time that could be better spent focusing on the student's lesson plans and administrative duties. The school did research for years to search for an online system that could solve this problem but there seemed to be nothing available and even large scale multi-thousand dollar software packages didn't have the functionality they needed.

It was then that a school administrator happened upon an up and coming software company – EZ School Apps that seemed to be the perfect solution. It did exactly what the school was looking for, and even better at a price that didn't make the superintendant blink. For less than a dollar a day, the school was able to implement the Homeroom Lunch Count solution.

For nearly eight years the school has been working with EZ School Apps and not once experienced issues with support or maintainance.

Once implemented, which took the cafeteria manager about 20 minutes to do following a simple step-by-step process, the school has not looked back and have saved time, money and eliminated wasted food. Wrentham Public Schools is so satisfied they continue to grow and are looking forward to utilizing EZ School Apps other solutions.

Interested in our software? We have a 99% customer retention rate for a very good reason: we understand how schools work, their needs during school lunches and how to help them better. Request a Demo or Sign up for a Free Trial today.


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