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school lunch software

How does our school lunch software work?

As simple as 1, 2, 3. Build a menu, parents preorder and pay online, and run your reports. We walk you through the whole setup until you've automated your entire lunch process. If your school needs a "set it and forget it" system, there's no better option.

school lunch payment software

Online Payments & Preordering

Parents and employees can easily preorder online using our calendar-based system, complete their school lunch payment, and review their transaction history. Admins can setup automatic email alerts and forget about chasing after negative balances.

  • Accept credit cards, ACH transfers, cash or checks
  • Choose specific dates employees and parents can preorder meals
  • Avoid last-minute orders by setting a preorder cut-off time
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pos system for school cafeteria

User-friendly Point of Sale (POS) System

Our EZ School Lunch Software comes with an integrated, secure and reliable POS system for your school cafeteria. It is easy to use and 100% cloud-based (nothing to install), which means you don't need to spend money purchasing additional hardware.

  • An easy-to-use, computer or touchpad compatible POS system
  • Speed up the lunch line with a keypad, barcode or swipe card scanner
  • Fast checkouts with cash or credit system
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free & reduced lunch tracking report

Free & Reduced Lunch Reporting

With our powerful reporting features, it's simple to track which meals are eligible to ensure compliance and maximize your reimbursement. We even provide you with the exact times a student received their meal thanks to our lunch confirmation system.

  • Easy to get a total count of free, reduced, and paid orders
  • Designate students as Free, Paid or Reduced
  • Track lunch, breakfast and milk orders for reimbursement
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See our school lunch software in action

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Even more reasons to choose us

We Pick Up the Phone

Our in-house, US-based customer support is fast and efficient. Available through phone or email support.

You're Always Updated

We are constantly improving our software and adding new features, and because it's cloud-based you ALWAYS have the latest versions.

Our Customers Love Us

Year after year, our customers stay with us because our software is easy-to-use, inexpensive, and reliable.

Compatible with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required.

mobile phones
pos system for school cafeteria
POS machines


The all-in cost for our school lunch ordering software is $695 per school locations or $1.75 per account per year if your school has more than 400 students and employees. We specialize in smaller private, charter, and/or religious schools and we have the most affordable and robust school lunch POS software solution on the market.

How many students and employees do you have in your school?

$ 695 /year

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Yes, our school lunch system is completely cloud based. You don't need to purchase any additional hardware to make it work for your school (that includes the cafeteria point of sale system).

We do offer discounts for Districts with multiple Schools, but the price for our school POS system is the same for public, charter or private school lunch programs: $695 per School year or $1.75 per account per year.

Our lunch software eliminates the paperwork and handles everything online. This means school meal payments and lunch preordering are online, easier reporting, automated tracking and other very useful features.

There is no limit to the number of students that can be added to the school POS system.

There is no minimum size limit for your school meal program. Our school lunch solutions can handle both large districts and small schools.

Yes, you can accept cash, check, ACH or credit card with our lunchtime software. Additionally, users can preorder lunch, prepay for it or settle their lunch balance after the fact.

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