After School Care Software:
Simplify your attendance tracking and billing

Starting from $500 per school year

after school care program software

How does our after school software work?

We make it very easy to manage the payments for after school programs. Simply check-in a student, then check-out that student via our user friendly interface. We automatically track the times, calulate the rate, and send parents the invoice for them to pay online. We are here to walk you through the setup if needed.

after school attendance software

Easy-to-use Attendance Tracking

Our after school management software allows you to easily check students in and out using our search features: simply type in a name, last name or student ID, or filter your student list by grade or homeroom. Manage before and after school programs with a single click.

  • Easily record attendance for every student
  • Setup automatic (or "forced") check-in or checkout times
  • Manage multiple programs from a single screen
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after school billing

Automatic After School Billing

Automatically track every check in, add it to the child's record, and charge the appropriate rate. You can charge in different increments: by the minute, every 15, every 30, entire hour, or simply charge a flat rate. You can also set up minimum charges and add late fees.

  • Invoicing for parents takes minutes instead of hours
  • Always have easy access to parent payment history
  • Accept credit card, ACH, cash, or checks
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after school reporting

Integrated, Detailed Reporting

We make it easy to find what you are looking for with a few clicks. We have a variety of pre-built reports where you can view payments, check-in times by date range, groups of students, and many other filters.

  • Track attendance, check-in/out times, balances, payments, and more
  • Get detailed reports to help you schedule staff in advance
  • View anyone's entire payment history and balance
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See our after school software in action

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Even more reasons to choose us

We Pick Up the Phone

Our in-house, US-based customer support is fast and efficient. Available through phone or email support.

You're Always Updated

We are constantly improving our software and adding new features, and because it's cloud-based you ALWAYS have the latest versions.

Our Customers Love Us

Year after year, our customers stay with us because our software is easy-to-use, inexpensive, and reliable.

Compatible with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required.

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The all-in cost for our after school management software is $500 per school location per year. We specialize in smaller private, charter, and/or religious schools and we have the most affordable and robust after care system on the market.

Try our after care software and get our EZ School Payments software FOR FREE!

$ 500 /year

Starting from

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Yes, our after school care software is completely cloud based. You don't need to purchase any additional hardware to make it work for your School.

EZ After School Care Program eliminates the use of paper to manage after school and enrichment classes.

There is no limit to the number of parents, children, and employees that can be added into the system.

There is no size limit and can handle both large districts and small districts.

Our After School Care software is specifically designed for schools looking for an easy way to handle the assigning of classes and tracking of purchases.

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